About us

Dress Code is a high-end shop focused on simple, classic, and elegant ideas. We're a unique boutique aimed at the working lady.
Quirky, fun, and a little bit out there, we aim to bring out the joy of fashion in our customers.
All are welcome here and all will be treated with respect (it's our policy!)
Our clothing and shoes are all animal friendly. Kindness is virtue, and that's something we strive for.

About the Owner

Amy Tu is a hard-working woman from Taiwan. She's vegetarian and has always cared for animals. She enjoys meeting new people and loves fashion and design. Growing up in Taiwan and later moving to Canada, she was exposed to all sorts of different fashions.
Striving to help protect the environment and using natural fabrics, Amy hope is to bring a little slice of Asian fashion to Edmonton.

Dear customers,
Please note, we will be closing from Feb 4th - 7th for the Lunar New Years!
Thanks, and sorry for the inconvenience.
Happy Lunar New Year!
About us